Cleburne Independent School district

Apply Online and View Job Openings

Directions to apply on line & view job openings.
This section will help you to view and understand positions that are available within the district. Then you will be able to apply for those positions that interest you.

You will choose the link to connect you to the on line application. Then you can view the job openings. We have several positions listed as "generic". Those positions listed as "generic" are not actual openings. We post those positions so that even if there is no opening applicants can still apply. Once you have a position that you are interested in, then you click on that position, and begin the process of filling out your profile. After your profile is complete then you can view other positions and apply to those as well. You will not have to fill in your personal information each time, but you will have to view it under each area of your profile. You will then link your profile to the additional positions that you are interested in, then save and submit. If you can not complete your application and wish to save it you may. Your application is good on line for 10 months. After that time they will be purged. It will be purged from the date of your initial completion of your application.
I hope this helps with the on line application process. If you need further assistance, you may contact Jessica Stone at (817)202-1113.