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Gerard Elementary 5th Grader Serves as Mayor for the Day

            Gerard Elementary fifth grader Gavin Huffman was sworn in as the mayor of Cleburne—for a day—on Tuesday, which included presiding over the evening’s City Council meeting.

            Mayor Scott Cain administered the oath of office in front of fellow Grizzlies during a morning school assembly. Huffman received the mayoral opportunity as a gift from his parents, Ryan and Summer. They were the highest bidder for the “Mayor for the Day” item included in Gerard PTA’s Fall Festival silent auction.

            “This is Gavin’s last year in elementary school,” Summer Huffman said. “We just wanted him to have a special day as a fifth grader. I thought he would love this and really be excited about it.”

            “We are very proud of our son,” Huffman said. “He’s just a real bright student, and he is the officer-at-large on Student Council.”

            The Gerard 11-year-old admitted to being quite happy about being the honorary mayor—for a day—and meeting Mayor Cain.

            “My dad told me a little about what the mayor does,” he said. “I think it will be cool to bang the gavel. I think I could even be the mayor someday.”

            He also has some thoughts as to what he would like to do for his city, as mayor.

            “I would try to get an Academy here, so you wouldn’t have to go to Burleson to buy a baseball bat,” Huffman said. “Maybe we could make a new football stadium for the Jackets. I think these things would make Cleburne a better place. Maybe we could also have some more restaurants. My favorite is Chipotle.”

            In the same breath, the Mayor for the Day had much to say about what he likes about Cleburne. As a football and baseball player, and fan, he believes being the home of the Railroaders makes Cleburne a great place to live.

            “If you like sports, you can go to pro baseball at Railroaders Stadium,” he said. “We also have quite a few restaurants to choose from and we also have lots of houses. The schools here give you a lot of education. You don’t have to worry about falling behind because the teachers will help you understand what you don’t understand.”

            At the City Council meeting, Huffman assisted with the presentation of the City of Cleburne’s Annual Super STAR Award, recognizing one employee from the 12 honored in 2017, for going above and beyond in their duties.



Gerard Elementary fifth grader Gavin Huffman prepares to call the February 27 City Council meeting to order as Cleburne Mayor for the Day. He is pictured with Mayor Scott Cain.