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Helmet Ceremony to Now Coincide with Homecoming Festivities


            A Helmet Ceremony involving the 2018 Jackets and Jackets of seasons past will now be a part of the September 21 Homecoming festivities.

            The two gold stars surrounded by the Cleburne C emblazoned on the helmets worn by the Jackets varsity team this season is a tribute to the state football championships of 1920 and 1959.

            The Helmet Ceremony bringing together the CHS football brotherhood, including those of the 1959 team, will take place moments before Cleburne steps onto the field for the Homecoming game.  Members of former Jacket football teams and coaches are being sought to participate in the pre-game event.

The ceremony, originally scheduled for September 7, was postponed following the move of the home game to Saginaw because of wet field conditions due to rain.

            “We are hoping to have 40 players and coaches from past seasons on hand to meet on the field with our current team of 40,” Athletic Director Mark Walker said. “We are very proud to be honoring the heritage of Jackets football, which is rich in history and tradition. The Jackets are off to a great start, and this ceremony will be an awesome way to send them onto the field for their second appearance before the home crowd.”

            Jackets Head Coach Casey Walraven chose to add the symbolism to this year’s helmet wraps, which also reflects the vision of Jackets football moving forward. The stars were added to the helmets just prior to the home opener for the season, in which the Jackets came away with the win.

            “I want to make sure those rare, elite championships for a high school are recognized by our players,” Walraven said. “I hope those two gold stars also spark conversation in our community, in remembering those players and those milestones in Cleburne High School history.”

            Walraven said the gold stars tie together Cleburne’s football past, present and what is to come.

            “These stars are reminders to our players that this happened here in Cleburne, and can happen again,” Walraven said. “They know what they mean. I think this year’s helmets tie together the past, the present, and future of Cleburne and the heritage and tradition that should always be recognized. I hope these stars generate future dreams.”

            Former players and coaches interested in participating in the September 21 Helmet Ceremony are asked to contact Lisa Magers, CISD director of community relations, 817-202-1127 or The ceremony will take place during the pre-game activities which begin at 7 p.m.



Two gold stars, representing Cleburne two state football championships, were placed on the Yellow Jacket varsity helmets just prior to the home opener, which ended in victory. Former Cleburne players and coaches are needed for a September 21 pre-game Helmet Ceremony, coinciding with Homecoming, bringing together Jackets of the past and present.