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Online Free/Reduced Applications

We are very excited to announce that we will now have Free/Reduced Meal Applications available online!
To get started please click this link:
How to Recognize a Valid SNAP or TANF Eligibility Group Number (EDG#):
Notice that benefits have been awarded or denied. This notice (Form TF001) does provide adequate documentation. This letter will contain a nine-digit Eligibility Group Number (EDG#) located half way down the letter on the right side. This number does indicate the award of benefits. This number will begin with a 1 or 0. This notice will also designate household members that have been determined to be eligible. If any person in the household qualifies for SNAP, TANF, or FDPIR benefits, all students in the household qualify for free meals.
In-Valid SNAP or TANF Eligibility Group Number (EDG#):
Notice that an application is being processed. This notice is not adequate documentation to certify a child for free meals. This letter will contain a case number, a ten digit number at the top of the letter. This number does not indicate the award of benefits.
Texas Department of Agriculture, Determining Eligibility 4.73 (ARM)