Cleburne Independent School district

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How to Enroll » Proof of Residence requirements

Proof of Residence requirements

In order to verify addresses for enrollment purposes, all CISD students will be required to have proof of residence on file prior to entering class.

To meet this standard, two forms of parent/guardian identification showing proof of address will be required:
  1. Driver's license, or some other form of identification
  2. Current utility bill--water, gas or electricity, showing address. If you have just moved, or if you rent and your utilities are included in your rental payment, you may bring a current copy of your lease or rental agreement.
  3. If you reside with another individual and your name is not included on the lease or rental agreement, a Proof of Residency Affidavit from the home owner or lessee stating that you reside with them, along with a copy of their current utility bill, will be acceptable. See attached form below. 
If you wish to take originals and have them copied at school, you may take the above-mentioned items to your child's campus. You may also mail copies of the requested information to your child's school. Please include your child's name if you are mailing the information, or sending it to the campus with someone else. For more information, contact your child's school office or the Department of Student Services at CISD Central Office, 817-202-1128.