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August 2018 CHS Board Construction Update

July 2018 CHS Board Construction Update

June 2018 CHS Board Construction Update

May 2018 CHS Board Construction Update

April 2018 CHS Board Construction Update

March 2018 CHS Board Construction Update

February 2018 CHS Board Construction Update

November 2017 CHS Board Construction Update

September 2017 CHS Board Construction Update


Architectural Renderings

Cleburne High School

Main Hall in Cleburne High School

Stairway at Cleburne High School

Library at Cleburne High School

Basketball Court at Cleburne High School

Construction Phases and Descriptions

See Construction Phasing Schedule Below


1. Programming: Gather information from members of the administration, community,  

    and teachers.

2. Schematic Design: Create overall designs based on programmed information.

  • Design process of multiple schemes
  • There is no one single “right” design
  • Check and recheck against Programming information and Educational Specifications
  • Working document that verifies progress is staying on target
  • Explore any and all layout and design options to push against any preconceived ideas
  • Adapt design to all gathered information as to what works best
  • Consistent communication with district personnel and educational staff
  • Meetings with Project Design Committee, teachers and district staff, Community Oversight Group, Open House community feedback
  • Work from departmental layout, to floor plans, to building massing, to the interior and exterior design
  • Work from diagram to building
    3. Design Development: Further refine designs and finalize decisions with design
           4. Construction Documents: Produce documents used during construction.
           5. Bidding: Hiring process that allows sub-contractors to review and bid on the cost of 
               services they will provide.
           6. Construction Administration: Work in conjunction with a construction manager to 
               complete construction of all items within the scope of the project.
           7. Punch and Closeout: Review of work completed and conformance to design intent.
               Project is delivered and warranty periods are initiated.
           8. Facilities Opening: August 2019
Construction Phasing Schedule


Timeline for Construction Phasing Schedule