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Bond Financial Transparency

This page specifically shows the costs that have been paid from the $130,558,461 in bonds that were

Expenditures related to the bond began at the inception of the project as detailed below, and before the
actual bonds were sold/issued. Bond funds were used to reimburse the district in accordance with IRS
regulations and formalized by a reimbursement resolution adopted by the Cleburne ISD Board of

The process for a bond to address district facilities began in the fall of 2014. The Templeton
Demographic Firm was hired to project Cleburne ISD student growth for the next 10 years and was also
used in the capacity analysis (size of facilities). The consulting firm of Baselice & Associates performed a
public opinion poll to determine how the community of Cleburne felt regarding various Cleburne ISD
facility options as part of a bond referendum. The Huckabee & Associates architect firm performed an
assessment of the CISD facilities and developed a master facility plan which included renovating and
adding additional space at the existing high school. A committee of Cleburne ISD citizens was formed
and meetings were held to discuss the information obtained from the firms and obtain input from the
community. In May 2015, a bond election to fund the bond committee’s proposal was held, and the
referendum failed by 139 votes.

In the fall of 2015, a new committee of Cleburne ISD citizens was formed, and the Corgan architect firm
was hired. An independent bond facilitator was also hired to oversee the bond committee process.
Several meetings were held with dinner often being provided; expenditures for food is also included in
the financial transparency information. Detail of the meetings can be found under the “Pre-Bond
Election Information” tab on the Bond 2016 webpage. The committee made a recommendation that
was ultimately passed in a bond referendum in May 2016. The bonds were sold in July of 2016; please
see Bond 2016 home page for details.

The approved bond was for 3 projects:

1) High School
2) Coleman and Cooke Elementary renovations
3) Technology

Balfour Beatty was selected as the construction management firm for the High School project.
Construction began in September 2017. High School facilities have undergone work prior to this time,
and are also included in the Cleburne HS project costs.

This document shows the date the expense was incurred, the vendor that performed the work, the
project the cost was charged to, and the amount of the invoice. The invoice column contains hyperlinks
that will take you directly to the actual invoice that was paid. The sheet also provides the remaining
bond funds available for all projects.


Bond Financial Transparency
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